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Pure African Black soap from Ghana is renowned to be of excellent quality. This is partly due to the choice of ingredients used by most Ghanaian black soap manufacturers and the fact that many of them continue to practice the ancient methods of manufacturing this soap. While others, succumbing to the lure for more profit, have opted for mass production techniques which are known to reduce the quality of the product.

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This unique soap, which is completely made up of natural ingredients, is one of the gifts that time has bequeathed us. Traditionally, raw African black soap was made by old women and the process usually lasted a day or two. It involved many ingenious techniques and was prepared with a recipe that has been passed on for generations. This is the secret behind the amazing qualities of African black soap.

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Our liquid African black soap will leave your skin soft and smooth, The liquid African black soap is unscented, but you can always add your preferred fragrance or oil.

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Our liquid African black soap

For many generations, Ghanaians have used liquid African black soap to correct several skin disorders and to obtain beautiful skin. Pure African black soap is suitable for use on both the skin and hair; it is known to be efficacious in getting rid of dandruff and other scalp infections. In modern times, women have found that its deep cleansing properties make it an excellent option for removing their make-up before retiring to bed.

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