African black Soap pound bar

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Buy African Black soap pound bars bulk at factory wholesale price for retail in your shop or online for a good profit we give the best black soap well package for your markets.


  • Palm Oil
  • Cocoa Pod (natural as potash)
  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Unrefined Shea Butter (about 30%)
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African Black Soap Pound Bar

African black soap bar mold in a one pound size for the whole family we produce and supply the best good quality black soap in Ghana and export worldwide.

About African Black Soap

African black Soap, also known as ‘Anago soap’, ‘Alata Samina’ and ‘Ose Dudu’, is a

brown/black Soap which is said to have comes from African organic. It has

been used for hundreds of years to clean one’s whole body and to treat various epidermis issues such as

pimples, epidermis skin psoriasis, black places, acne, skin rashes etc.
This exclusive Soap, which is entirely designed up of organic components, is one of the

presents that the bequeathed us. Generally, black Soap was made by old women and

the procedure usually lasted a day or two. It involved many traditional methods and ways

ready with an equation that has been accepted on for many years. This is the key behind the

awesome functions of Africa black Soap.
In previous times several years, many scientists and cosmeticians have mentioned that Africa

black Soap is one of the best options available you need to use day by day to get its benefits.

And many individuals believe we are only beginning to find the advantages of using this exclusive Soap.
Black Soap from Ghana is particularly well known to be of top top great quality.

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